Making things for your ears.

Rocket From Earth provides many different audio services. We can record audiobooks, podcasts, field recording and interviews. In addition, we provide editing, sound design and engineering. Last but certainly not least Josh has years of experience as a podcast host, writer and general on-air talent. Please reach out if you are in need of any of these services and we’ll get together!

What do we do?

  • Hosting and Voicework
    Co-host and creator of The Revisitors
    Co-host, creator, producer, and editor of Denver Orbit
    Former co-host of Bad or Not Bad
  • Sound Design and Editing
    Sound design and editing on The Substratum
    Editing on The Revisitors
  • Radio Production
    Producer of the Revisitors
    Producer of Denver Orbit
    Independent radio producer

The Revisitors Episode 56: High Fidelity and The Beta Band – The Three EP’s

This is a random episode of the Revisitors Podcast. I am the Producer, Editor, Co-host and Co-creator of this show.

Random Article Radio – Dixie Square Mall

This is a pilot I did for a podcast called Random Article Radio. The concept is to take a random wikipedia article as is and make it sound interesting. A fun exercise.

The Substratum episode 1: Sister Aimee

This is the “proof of concept” episode for The Substratum. I serve as the producer, editor, sound designer,  co-writer and co-host.