Making things for your ears.

Rocket From Earth is Josh Mattison, an award winning audio producer. I can record audiobooks, podcasts, field recording and interviews. In addition, I provide editing, sound design and engineering. Last but certainly not least I have years of experience as a podcast host, writer and general on-air talent. Please reach out if you are in need of any of these services and we’ll get together!

What do we do?

The Revisitors Episode 56: High Fidelity and The Beta Band – The Three EP’s

This is a random episode of the Revisitors Podcast. I am the Producer, Editor, Co-host and Co-creator of this show.

Random Article Radio – Dixie Square Mall

This is a pilot I did for a podcast called Random Article Radio. The concept is to take a random wikipedia article as is and make it sound interesting. A fun exercise.

The Substratum episode 1: Sister Aimee

This is the “proof of┬áconcept” episode for The Substratum. I serve as the producer, editor, sound designer, ┬áco-writer and co-host.